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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Eshoplist   Do I have to create an account in the e-shop to place an order?

No, you don't have to. However, registered users have some advantages - they don't have to type their name and address everytime when placing an order. We will not provide any information about our customers to anyone who is not responsible for your order. As a registered user, you can also pay your order online by credit card.

Eshoplist   Can I order by telephone or in person?

No, you can't. The only option is placing an order through our e-shop. If you are not sure, how to place an order, please read "How to place an order?" below or ask for help at eshop(at)

Eshoplist   How many items can I order at a time?

For postal delivery, you can order no more than 20 items. There is no limit for personal pick-up.

Eshoplist   What is My Cart and where can I find it?

My Cart is a list of items you chose to order from e-shop. When browsing our e-shop, your Cart "remembers" all chosen items, so you can add or remove them anytime. My Cart is accessible from any page, just use the link "My Cart" in the upper right part of the green header (below the search box).

Eshoplist   How to place an order?

At first, find the item you want to order - use the search box in the upper right corner of the page or browse faculties menu. Then click on the green shopping trolley icon to add the chosen item to your Cart. You can continue searching or browsing, until you'll have all items you want to order in your Cart. Then check your Cart (use the link "My Cart") and check carefully if you have everything you want to order. Only if you are absolutely sure that you have everything you want to order in your Cart, you can proceed to checkout. Click the "Checkout" link, it's just next to "My Cart" link. You'll be redirected to checkout page.

Step 1: Checkout Method - If you are an registered user, fill in your username and password and log in. If you are not registered and want to register, choose the button "Register" and click to "Continue". If you don't want to register, choose the button " Checkout as Guest" and then click to "Continue".

Step 2: Billing Information - Registered users will see their personal data and can skip the filling in. Other users have to fill in their full name, e-mail address, address and telephone number. The address must be located in Czech republic, we do not ship abroad. Entries marked with red star are required, other are optional. You don't have to fill in each entry. When finished, choose your shipping address. If it will be the same, choose the button "Ship to this address". If you want to ship your order elsewhere, choose the button "Ship to different address" - this is for postal delivery only. However, finishing this step is required, even if you want to pick up your order in person.

Step 3: Shipping Information - This step will appear only if you have chosen "Ship to different address" in the previous step. Fill in the address for your order shipping, then click to "Continue".

Step 4: Shipping Method - You have two options. You can pick up your order in person ("Personal collection at SIC"), which is free of charge, or use Czech postal services ("Parcel - Czech Post"), its price depends on an amount of items you have ordered. Choose a button with desired shipping option and click to "Continue".

Step 5: Payment Information - Choose a method you want to use to pay for your order. Options will vary depending on your chosen shipping method. If you are sure about your payment options, choose an appropriate button and then click to "Continue".

Step 6: Order Review - This is the last time you can change your order. Check everything twice, and if you are absolutely sure about everything, click to "Place Order". Your order is finished now.

Eshoplist   Why can't I add an item to My Cart?

If the shopping trolley icon is missing, the item is out of stock. Resupplying can take from 2 to 5 working days (or longer for foreign publications).

Eshoplist   I have added items to My Cart, but I can't place the order. What should I do?

Your chosen items are reserved for you after placing an order. Maybe someone was faster than you and ordered the item as first. Refresh the item list, it is possible that your chosen item isn't in stock anymore. If you have refreshed the site, your item is in stock and you still can't place an order, please contact us.

Eshoplist   Do you sell CZU promotional items, such as pencils, mugs, T-shirts or beer?

No, we don't. You can buy these items in the shop in the students' dining hall.

Eshoplist   Can I change the order I've just placed?

No, you can't. If you have missed something, order these items separately in a new order. You can also contact us on eshop(at) and we will cancel your order.

Eshoplist   I have found the required book in Reprografické studio, but it is not available in your e-shop. Why?

CZU eshop is operated by University Library, Reprografické studio is only one of more suppliers. We do not sell all titles, which are offered on their website, just the best-selling ones.

Eshoplist   Can I pay by card online? Is it safe?

Currently, You cannot pay by card.

Yes, you can use our online gateway, if you are a registered user. Payment gateways are a standard solution in e-commerce, which meets all requirements for safe financial transactions. The provider guarantees a personal information protection.

Eshoplist   Can I pay by a postal order?

No, you cant. Our system cannot identify such payments and they will not be connected with your order. This means that we cannot find out, if you already paid for your order or not.

Eshoplist   I chose a personal pick-up. How long will you store my ordered items?

Your order will be stored at the issue counter for 7 calendar days.

Eshoplist   Do you ship abroad?

No, we don't. We ship to Czech republic only.

Eshoplist   When will I receive my postal shipment?

In Czech republic, a delivery of a parcel can take from 3 to 7 days. After shipping, Czech post is the only responsible subject, so the date and time of delivery depend on it only. Because of that, we cannot know a delivery date or press for delayed parcels.

Eshoplist   I have ordered weeks ago and my shipment has not arrived yet. Why?

At first, check all filled-in informations again, especially a payment information. Wrong amount (even higher), wrong variable symbol or specific symbol will not be identified by our system and will not be connected with your order. Then we cannot know about your payment. If you found yout that you entered wrong information, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will look for your payment. This can take some more weeks because of the amount of financial transactions processed by CZU.

If your order was already shipped, we will provide the parcel number to you. Then you can track your parcel here: You can also complain the Czech post services in person in any post office.

Eshoplist   My shipment arrived damaged, broken or incomplete. What should I do?

If the parcel isn't damaged and something from inside is missing, please contact us. A mistake can happen - in this case we will send you the missing goods for no additional fee.

If there was no mistake on our side, you have to complain your shipment at the Czech post. You can find the necessary instructions here: Do not forget to keep the broken parcel as it is - it will serve as a proof.

Eshoplist   Can I complain my order?

Yes, you can. Contact us immediately after a fault detection. The complaint takes up to 30 days to deal with.

Eshoplist   If I will get my money back, will I also get back the postal fee?

No, that is not possible, because the postal service was already provided and paid to Czech post.